Natural Symmetries by Jim Modiano Art & Design

Quite often, the freshest ideas in art and design come from nature. With a background in art and biology, Jim Modiano's unique perspective has given rise to an exciting new line of designs — Natural Symmetries.

Natural Symmetries brings the formative patterns and dynamic rhythms of the natural world to surface design. Using principles from the natural sciences known as 'symmetrical chaos,' Jim Modiano has teamed with artist Beverly Weiss to produce an innovative line of vibrant abstract geometrics, with a biomorphic twist.

A unique allure is created from the seemingly spontaneous combinations of geometric and sensuous forms that give rise to distinctive motifs. Iconographic shapes appear amid beautifully elaborated designs. The line includes a spectacular array of patterns – floralesques, arabesques, all-over patterns, complex stripes and hexagonals – from bold to highly intricate.

Jim Modiano's designs are derived from his original paintings and embody the symmetries of the natural world. The artist sees the work as an organic outpouring of natural design principles and a logical extension of his easle work: "All of our work is nature-based at its core with great depth, variety, and versatility. My greatest surprise and delight is that it took me nearly twenty years to figure it out."

When artist Beverly Weiss came on board with the business, she recognized both the uniqueness and profundity of the patterns that Jim Modiano had uncovered: "It's like looking at the aesthetic of a new culture, which is resonant of others, and yet is amazing because it is new to you."

And bear in mind that the entire line is colored with a painter's sensitivity while incorporating up to date trend info.

Suitable for all 2-D surfaces, Natural Symmetries by Jim Modiano Art & Design also includes a collection of fully bordered designs – for rugs, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. – as well as a broad selection of large - scale motifs that are proving to be so hot this season.


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