Jim Modiano

Floating, drifting in space, encountering each other almost by chance, abstract shapes interact, commingle, perhaps forming lasting bonds, perhaps just passing through. We don't know, it's just a moment in time. They are emotive and evocative these shapes, and elicit from us a response. Their chromatic modulation and spatial manipulation give rise to to a web of relationships. And for some reason we want to know the why and how of it.

Their interactions are metaphors for our relationships. As they are entangled so we are entangled; as they are enmeshed, so we are enmeshed. As they are intradependent, so are we: remove or change one shape and the entire network of relations is changed. You can't pull on any single strand without influencing the shape of the entire web.






Everything is connected. We are all connected - each of us to the next and everyone to each of us. And of course we are connected to the Earth and to the Cosmos. Our connection is not solely emotional nor is it strictly transcendental. In our web of a universe, connections are simultaneously substantial and intangible, like light. And there are many connections.

Reality that is at once poetical and divine; irreducible and nonlinear.






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