The flow of becoming, of manifesting potential, pervades creation.  Challenging stasis with change.  Flux.

Flexible outcomes amid myriad possibilities.  Reality is unfixed.  Impermanent.

Ambiguity confounds our efforts to define, coloring our perceptions.  Demanding nuance. 

We gleam remnants and traces of potential consequences.  Multiplicity.


The imminent is all here all of the time—Revealed in the details but obscured by them, too.  All that is new comes from that which is already here.  Pre-existing.

Patterns of interaction can become uncoupled.  Uncoupling leads to new couplings. Some foreseen, some not.  Emergence.

Novelty arises from new arrangements.  Fusion.

Dynamic change creates patterns of unfixed outcomes—All unique but all similar.  Reiteration.


Unending change is the seed of creative wisdom.

Fixity is illusion.  Stasis is fleeting.  Temporal stability passes at any moment.  All that we know is one choice among countless choices—None more valid than any as yet unchosen.

Change is illusion.  Dynamics recur. Physical instability reasserts itself.  Our sense of change is only shortness of memory.   Patterns reemerge.

But the details are different.

March, 2007


© copyright 2017, Jim Modiano