Precarious Poise

Relations define our existence.
Between and among, animate and inanimate, macro and micro.
To see the movement of mitochondria in a living cell
is to understand origins.

Relations, vast and numerous, establish balance.
Balance is robust, resisting turbulence.
A ball will always fall to earth.

Balance is unstable, the balance can shift.
There are limits to perturbation.
But water will continue to flow to the sea.

Shifting balances change relations.
Initial conditions can determine outcomes.
Yet our needs shall endure.

The Universe may be limitless, beyond imagining.
Our understanding is surpassed only by our ignorance.
Hubris exceeds humility.

Earth is our familiar.
Its network of relations is the balance
that sustains all creation.
Melting glaciers will raise the sea.

Santa Fe, January 2012


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