Lexicon of Emotive Shapes


In my work, I utilize a small number of discrete shapes to develop compositional themes.  These shapes are called upon to impart a great deal of information.  They convey color, create contours, develop visual tension, and establish a mood derived from their emotive qualities.

Of late, I have been asking the question whether these shapes have meaning beyond the limits described by their intersecting convexities and concavities? Do they, in their various forms, carry some sort of meaning that is similarly understood by many people.  It would be interesting to find out.

If you have a few minutes to spare you can help me do so by completing the questionnaire below.  No flash plug-in or mobile broadband required, just a bit of your time.  Contribute simply by revealing what these shapes mean to you.

I believe that these shapes have their origin in my unconscious mind.  In keeping with Jungian ideas of the collective unconscious and the origin of symbols in human cultures, essentially, I am asking if the shapes I work with are symbols.

If these shapes are found to have collective meaning, we could interpret my artwork at the symbolic level.  I find this prospect very exciting.


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